Precarious ★★★★

This old-fashioned Lynch-ian fever dream is by far my favorite at Another Hole in the Head 2020 so far. (I sit through a lot of noble failures hoping to come across something like this.) Louise Franco's art direction is gorgeous and exquisitely detailed, especially considering the budgetary constraints. (The Oakland Museum's legendary fundraising White Elephant Sale is thanked.) The opening titles are immediately lush and memorable, and set the tone beautifully. Then the movie just effortlessly draws one into its seamless dream-like sequences, without wasting time on explanations. The villainous sisters are stylish and creepy, and Henry and Clark engage in some tense rivalry and bromance. Not all of it makes sense, but if you need that, why are you reading my reviews?

Unfortunately, the TMDB entry is minimal. So more info:

Available at Another Hole In The Head for a little longer:

Update 7/2022: now rentable on Vimeo! You lucky people:

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