The Tangle

The Tangle ★★★½

I've been waiting for this to become available; spotted the poster and the trailer at Another Hole In The Head 2019, but couldn't make the screening. This is definitely worth the wait. (Why is distribution for adventurous indie genre films so sketchy? Precarious ( was my favorite for AHITH 2020, and still not on any of the common streaming platforms ARGH.)

The Tangle is a science fiction noir, with lots of visual nods to noir interiors and lighting. The concept and arc are quite different from (say) Bladerunner. For the most part it steers clear of condescending explanations or over-elaborations (which explains some of the bad reviews here). That said, I think it does overreach somewhat. The science fiction mechanics could have been pared down, the script is often too self-consciously clever, and some of the dialog doesn't work so well. But overall this was an engaging whodunnit with a lot of charm and some lovely visuals.