Bill Arceneaux

Independent film critic. Progressive po' boy. Moviegoing romantic. Member of SEFCA. Rotten Tomatoes approved.

Favorite films

  • Apocalypse Now
  • Roman Holiday
  • Inland Empire
  • Sherlock, Jr.

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Recent reviews

  • Babylon



    A bizarre bazaar. A celebration of Hollywood "magic," or the lament that time comes and goes? I don't see much of a difference. It's a party for the trick of the reel over the real. True to history? True to the myth - have a field day with that.

    "What a picture."

    *Elephant defecates loudly*

    The End.

  • Spirit Halloween: The Movie

    Spirit Halloween: The Movie


    Goosebumps and Nickelodeon-lite. Very lite. Stale and standard everything. Missed opportunities galore. Plastic toys vs. cheap costumes: Could've been fun.

Popular reviews

  • 9/11


    Utterly deplorable. Horrid melodrama with a time and setting used only for dramatic exploitation. Nothing new is revealed or anything found within us, just people weeping, bickering, coughing and yelling like Nolan's Batman. When you use green screen, cgi smoke and desaturated lighting to indicate fiery conditions, you're telling me how cheap and uncreative you are. Rushed through to ... make a buck? To capitalize on ... that sweet 9/11 nostalgia we all share? Why was this movie made? It…

  • Turning Red

    Turning Red


    Absolutely incredible. Nails down the feels and the chills of being an early teen, and the pressures of maturity. Crisp and fun. A lovely kind of Pixar animation that blends color and clarity with culture and care. Why won't this play in theaters? See it as big as possible.