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Independent film critic. Progressive po' boy. Moviegoing romantic. Member of SEFCA.

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  • Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets
  • One Week
  • Timecode
  • Out of the Blue

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Recent reviews

  • Freud's Last Session

    Freud's Last Session


    You won't find a single atheist in a foxhole.
    But if a foxhole is being dug for eventual use, what would the potential soldiers say to one another? And what would they believe in, if anything?

    Curiouser and curiouser, this movie is. A fun escapade and marriage between the what-ifs and in all likelihoods. Hopkins and Goode play their respective roles as charming and sad with one another, as the world edges closer and closer to death and despair.

    Nothing ends. Nothing ever ends.

  • Divinity



    Wasn't this a 'South Park' episode?

    Cosmic-ish body horror that shoots deep into a well that's nearly dried up. Take that to mean something about the story itself, take that to be a criticism - both are right. Lively, creepy, and funny in places expected and unexpected. Too many ideas? Not enough focus? Nah. Maybe it's the aggressive weirdness that's throwing me off some. Lo-fi that's high-falluttin.

Popular reviews

  • 9/11


    Utterly deplorable. Horrid melodrama with a time and setting used only for dramatic exploitation. Nothing new is revealed or anything found within us, just people weeping, bickering, coughing and yelling like Nolan's Batman. When you use green screen, cgi smoke and desaturated lighting to indicate fiery conditions, you're telling me how cheap and uncreative you are. Rushed through to ... make a buck? To capitalize on ... that sweet 9/11 nostalgia we all share? Why was this movie made? It…

  • Lemon



    An unsung classic of human communication - how we say and don't say things. Something deep festers under the surface, perhaps expressing something beyond the misery and social awkwardness at the forefront. Conceived and executed with theatrical grace and staging, performed with dull headaches and gaps of unseen space between one another, this is a movie of multiple wavelengths operating within seemingly simple scenes.

    Nothing is "normal", exterminate all "rational" behavior. You may come to these conclusions, too.