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Bill has written 31 reviews for films during 2017.

  • The Book of Life

    The Book of Life


    "It's a good day for doom"
    "Write your own story"

  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


    Honest Abe kicks some serious vampire ass.

  • Night of the Demons

    Night of the Demons


    A group of teens decided to have a Halloween party in an abandoned funeral home. What could possibly go wrong? Tune in to find out in this fun filled horror fest from the 80's. Added bonus it features Linnea Quigley as a possessed party girl (what else would she play?!?).

  • Inferno



    Argento expands the Three Mothers storyline on a much grander scale. Their background and ambition is revealed. Keith Emerson provides an excellent score although it's not up to par with Goblin. The lighting is more subdued than Suspiria but the effects and shocks are ratcheted up considerably from the first film.

  • Suspiria



    "Do you believe in...witches?"
    I have watched this many times on VHS and DVD but nothing compares to seeing the 4K restoration in the cinema. The soundtrack and lighting and framing all come together beautifully. If you get the chance you must go watch this film in the theater.

  • House of the Witch

    House of the Witch


    "This is a haunted house! And not like Scooby freaking Doo!"
    No it's not. Way more cliche driven and not as original. But still not bad for a SyFy original. A fun and entertaining start to the Halloween season.

  • Texas Chainsaw 3D

    Texas Chainsaw 3D


    Not the best Chainsaw by far but still a very fun and entertaining entry in the series. Features many good thrills and chills and adds another dimension to the storyline. I could have done without all the gratuitous 3D gimmicks.

  • 5 Headed Shark Attack

    5 Headed Shark Attack


    It was everything I expected it to be...and then they threw in the twist with the 5th head, this made me happy. Love watching SyFy shark movies to see what bizarre twist will happen next.

  • Land of Doom

    Land of Doom


    "Pity. I had such nice plans for you."
    Pity. I had such nice plans for this movie...but it turns out to be just like so many other cheap ass 80's post-apocalyptic movies. Good guys Anderson and Harmony travel across the wasteland pursued by bandits, killers, rapists and cannibals. Not much new here to set this one apart from all the rest.

  • The Town That Dreaded Sundown

    The Town That Dreaded Sundown


    Would have been much better if they hadn't mixed in so many comedic scenes.

  • Circle of Iron

    Circle of Iron


    A seeker of knowledge and enlightenment learns a simple but profound lesson

  • Son of Hercules vs. Medusa

    Son of Hercules vs. Medusa


    An interesting interpretation of Medusa... not one of the best sword and sandal movies. Long drawn out scenes, too much talking and poor special effects.