American Sniper ★★★★★

Okay, so let's see. AMERICAN SNIPER.

1) If you really believe the film is a simplistic, knee-jerk piece of propaganda that does little more than pay lip service to the existence of PTSD, then I'm afraid the best-case scenario is that you're literally insane.

2) I do however understand that it must be frustrating to watch a film like AMERICAN SNIPER and not have your own beliefs parroted back to you in a manner so precise that you are free from the discomfort of having a point of view that is not your own exist and be depicted somewhere near the geographical location in which your physical body is at that moment located. Hollywood rarely lets you down in this regard. Oh Hollywood, how could you? We shall have our revenge. And so on.

3) The Bradley Cooper in AMERICAN HUSTLE owes the Bradley Cooper in AMERICAN SNIPER a big fat apology.

4) It is true that for a total of about twenty seconds of screen time, a fake baby can be seen and identified as such. Well spotted.

5) AMERICAN SNIPER is fucking great.