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  • The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead


    I'm continuing to dive into Curtis's massive filmography (just picked up Alan K. Rode's tome about the legendary director).

    THE WALKING DEAD starts out strong as a Warner Brothers gangster picture, but quickly turns into a mash-up of FRANKENSTEIN and FINAL DESTINATION. Not my favourite Curtiz by any stretch, but worth watching for the opening act and another solid performance from Karloff.

  • Pingu's The Thing

    Pingu's The Thing

    I'm a John Carpenter completionist. He loved this and so do I.

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  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    💀 Hoop-tober #3 (2018) 💀

    Summer is wrapping up, so it's time to get into the Christmas spirit. And what a way to do that!

    Between this and THE SILENT PARTNER, Canada has produced two of the darkest Christmas films you'll ever see. Both of them were shot in Toronto to boot.

    As twisted as BLACK CHRISTMAS is, the Christmas atmosphere is something magical and wonderful to behold. The lights, the snow covered street, the ugly sweaters, John Saxon and…

  • The Masque of the Red Death

    The Masque of the Red Death


    💀 Hoop-tober #25 (2018) 💀

    I can spin with the Corman-Poe cycle if they're all as good as THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH. This was fantastic actually!

    Another wicked Vincent Price performance. Visuals and sets that rival BLOOD AND BLACK LACE (which was released the same year). Medieval fun and games. An absolute cracker of an ending. And a gorilla gets in the mix too.

    Although it's totally different, I enjoyed this even more than the only other Corman…