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  • Cape Fear

    Cape Fear


    This movie was just completely nuts. Even within the confines of a major studio production does Scorsese, with the help of an absolutely deranged De Niro, manage to leave a hell of an imprint.

  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    I was lucky enough to catch the controversial director's cut. This is film I need to sit with.

    My initial impressions:
    - Surprisingly funny throughout. Based on observations of some people apologizing for liking the movie, seems like Lars Von Trier has created a likeable monster. There's an early scene highlighting a period of Jack's OCD that had the room rolling.
    - The tangents that the film meanders into during Jack's conversation with Verge (all off-screen) felt like mini-documentaries, complete…

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  • Sunshine



    The opening shot in Sunshine is truly an image to behold. Clocking in at an impressive 2 minutes and some change, the looming presence of the Sun stirs up a conflicting sense of wonder and foreboding. That dichotomy is what really drives the first half of the film - despite the Sun's immense destructive force, one can't help but gaze in awe.

    Put simply, it's man versus star. Should we, as mankind, sit passively as the laws of the cosmos…

  • Interstellar



    I see a common denominator among modern blockbuster sci-fi... the need to explain EVERYTHING. Interstellar falls just short of being a remarkable sci-fi adventure because of this compulsive need to turn back to the viewer and justify its actions. As if McConaughey has to turn to us with half an eye open, "Is this too confusing? Need another explanation? Something is coming up in the plot that may need clearing up. You guys ready for this next big sequence?"