The Big Sick

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This review may contain spoilers.

Absolutely fantastic film. Likely the best rom-com I've ever watched.

The struggles that Kumail faced hit home on so many levels. This film accurately depicted a huge struggle that many second-generation immigrants face; the lack of having a strong cultural identity. It's unfortunate, but the film had a few scenes that really do a great job showcasing realistic scenarios. An example of this comes halfway through the movie during a conversation in which Kumail vents to his parents in what I consider to be a plea for their sympathy/understanding to his cultural identity struggles, and the message goes in one of his mother's ears and out the other. First generation immigrant parents often pass off these issues as being unimportant, as they are viewed as personal issues that do not amount to the "real", physical, and emotional sacrifices that they've went through in their time to provide a better life for their children.

This film is absolutely heartbreaking, but I recommend it to any film lovers who come from strict immigrant households themselves.