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  • The Good Dinosaur

    The Good Dinosaur


    The sixteenth Pixar animated feature and first directed by Peter Sohn. I never saw this one in theaters or anything, and in fact I think in 2015 I was so far out of the movie loop I didn't even learn it existed until like, 2017. I think a lot of people forget about this movie, and I was fully prepared for it to be thusly forgettable but was pleasantly surprised with a pretty decent movie! The thing is, it's a…

  • Frozen II

    Frozen II


    The 58th and most recent release (as of my viewing) in the Disney animated canon, also a sequel to Frozen. At the beginning of 2019, I set the goal to watch all of these movies by the end of 2020 and paced myself to do it all in exactly two years, at least until a pandemic forced me to stay home and I had more time to watch movies and ended up getting through a solid five months early. Neat!…

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  • The Meetings of Anna

    The Meetings of Anna


    My sixth (technically) Chantal Akerman film and the last in the Eclipse set of her 70s films. I mainly bought that set to see News From Home, which I absolutely loved, but I think this one ends up being a close second. Les Rendez-vous d'Anna is the story of Anna, a woman traveling home after touring Europe to attend premiers of her films, and the people she meets along the way. It's a Chantal Akerman film, so it's still ponderously…

  • Wendy and Lucy

    Wendy and Lucy


    My third movie by Kelly Reichardt and my favorite so far. Wendy is a drifter making her way to Alaska to look for work with her dog, Lucy, and as her funds run out, a series of misfortunes pile up and leave her without a working car and separated from Lucy. The small town in Oregon where it takes place feels familiar and true, a place that might be friendly enough to the right kind of people but is hostile…