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  • Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

    Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore


    My ninth (I think) Martin Scorsese movie and, currently, the oldest movie I've seen from him. This is a pretty different and interesting story compared to what I usually watch, with a very sort of realist/optimist tone to it about a woman and her son trying to make their way in the world and trying to hold on to their dreams in the process. A lot of the movie is driven by their banter and chemistry, which is usually solid…

  • SPL: Kill Zone

    SPL: Kill Zone


    I think this is the third movie I've seen by Wilson Yip, after the first two Ip Man movies. The main positives about this movie are that it looks good, frequently very good, and it has solid action scenes with one standout near the end. The story, on the other hand, is really, really bad. It's like John Woo but without the redeeming qualities - none of the characters are particularly likeable and, humorously (unintentionally so), they're all given 'depth'…

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  • John Wick: Chapter 2

    John Wick: Chapter 2


    The second John Wick film improves on the first in almost every way, mainly by adding an immense scale to everything about its world. If the previous film created a world where there were enough hired assassins to necessitate their own private, strictly regulated hotel, now we get to see just what sort of implications that has for the entire world's infrastructure, which apparently has impeccably-dressed murderers in every imagineable situation. Art museum? Owned and staffed by murderers. Soup kitchen?…

  • Brazil



    My second film by Terry Gilliam. This is one I've heard quite a bit about prior to it, and I've often seen the film pitched as a sort of Monty Python-esque take on 1984, so I had a bit of an idea what to expect going into it. It is interesting to compare this to 1984, because it uses many of the same plot elements, archetypes, etc. but it doesn't use them in exactly the same way, so there's a…