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  • Never Grow Old

    Never Grow Old


    Normally, when I see SABAN FILMS attached to a project, I go in with the lowest of expectations. But this one surprised me. Director Ivan Kavanagh (the underrated British horror flick THE CANAL) creates a blood-soaked tale of greed that features the best John Cusack performance since LOVE & MERCY. Sure, the message gets lost a little by letting the actors over-indulge in the material, but that's fun to watch, so it all works out well enough. Predictable, but well made.

  • The Wife

    The Wife


    I feel like this would have made an even better play. Glenn Close is tremendous here - the scene where she sits in silence listening to her husband accept his award is some of the best acting I've seen all year long, or maybe ever. Unfortunately, the film isn't as solid as Close's performance deserves. A little uneven at times.

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  • Summer of 8

    Summer of 8


    It's the day before college begins. Four attractive white guys and four attractive white girls toss horseshoes, drink beer, and talk about inconsequential white kid problems while indie rock music follows them like the Grim Reaper stalking his next victim. But this film died long before it began with a story that wreaks of zero authenticity. This is not how kids in 2016 talk. This is not how kids in 2016 relate to one another. And this is not how…

  • The Guest

    The Guest


    I was already hooked on "The Guest" before the shit hit. But once you have Lance Reddick walking around with a random silver briefcase talking about 'the experiment' and 'send everyone' - that is when you've crossed over into 'batshit awesome' territory.

    "The Guest" is, essentially, a John Carpenter film about thirty-years or so after it would have normally been released. The look, the sound, the feel of this film all screams Carpenter. The filmmakers ever go out of their…