Spencer ★★½

I grew up through the twilight era, in my head Kristen Stewart has always been the most American actress I ever saw. 
It doesn’t really matter if that’s the case or not I’m just saying that’s how I ever saw her as.

I don’t have a single clue about the royal family only the most basic facts and princess Diana died when I was not even 1 year old but I just can’t wrap my head around Kristen talking with a British accent it just feels so fake and forced.

Of course after I couldn’t connect with the way Kristen portrayed Diana I was super bored with the rest of the film.
It felt colder than a documentary, the camera work was lacking, the script was just bad and the general idea of painting the royal family and prince Charles as the good caring guys while Diana was the crazy ungrateful one doesn’t sit well with me.

Overall I’m happy people are willing to acknowledge Kirsten's talent but that was not enjoyable to me.

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