• Manson



    Manson (1973) is a quickie, explotation documentary made only a few of years after the case. The sleazy 1970s voiceover cements the mondo film vibe. There is no footage from the trial nor any interviews with Manson himself. Over-stretched, even at 80 minutes, the film is padded out with scenes of naked hippie chicks covorting in waterfalls etc. The man himself is only glimpsed through the recollections of former cell mates and other drug-addled hangers-on, which lends Manson a grotesquely…

  • Splash



    The orginal "fish out of water comedy"! BOOM!

    Thank you very much I'll be here all week, please remember to tip your waiter!

  • Trainwreck



    I've become a big fan of Judd Apatow's work in recent years. From Knocked Up to Funny People to This is 40 his voice seems to mature and deepen with every successive film. He seems to be one of the few mainstream filmmakers that actually makes films for grown ups. I was hoping one day he might turn into our generation's James L. Brooks. But unfortunately Trainwreck seems like a massive retrograde step. Whilst Schumer is a likeable enough screen…

  • Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko


    The Director's Cut

  • Kill Me Three Times

    Kill Me Three Times

    For fuck sake, once would have been plenty!

  • NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage

    NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage


    Barely qualifies as a documentary. The film amounts to little more than a procession of gushing "lovey" actors kissing Kevin Spacey's ass for 97 minutes. And these actors talk such a lot of twaddle, I mean A LOT, my favourite quote: "the way that Kevin gifts you the ownership of the discovery of the text is just so generous". The only one that escapes with any dignity is the venerable Gemma Jones.

  • The Rock

    The Rock


    "Womack!!! Why am I not surprised you piece of shit!!"

  • She's Having a Baby

    She's Having a Baby


    A far more original movie than the title would lead you to believe.

  • Legal Eagles

    Legal Eagles


    A perfect Sunday afternoon flick -- that sounds like faint praise (and it is!), but under the right circumstances it can be quite enjoyable. Okay, maybe "enjoyable" is the wrong word... I dunno perhaps, diverting? Redford and Winger have zero chemistry and there is very little innovation here, but there is something comforting in the familiarity of the well-worn plot grooves and it's predictable payoff. If you are ill or simply hungover then I can't recommend this highly enough.

  • Batman Begins

    Batman Begins


    Batman played for psychological realism. Lightning in a bottle.

  • Cold in July

    Cold in July


    *I have intentionally avoided including a synopsis for Cold in July because I think this film is best enjoyed knowing as little as possible going in*

    Cold in July is a really slippery customer. The director, Jim Mickle, has likened it to Korean thrillers such as Oldboy (2003) and Lady Vengeance (2005) in that the plot is constantly evolving and turning itself inside out. The narrative acrobatics could feel waring in another film but the three leads keep the film…

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    Excellent craftsmanship but very much "second-tier" Fincher, to be filed alongside lesser works like The Game, Panic Room & Benjamin Button.