Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

This critically acclaimed third feature from In Bruges director Martin McDonagh introduced me to one of my favourite fictional characters of all time: Crazy Rapist from Idaho.
Crazy Rapist from Idaho spends most of his days raping people (duh), and his hobbies include visiting other states, discussing the joy of rape with his rapist friends at bars in said states, violently confronting and intimidating people he has no relation to and whose actions haven't affected his life in any way whatsoever, and of course raping some more.
Despite the overwhelming amount of praise Three Billboards Outside An Oddly Specific Location That Doesn't Really Matter Storywise has received, every single review I've come across has failed to address the profound complexity of Crazy Rapist from Idaho's character, and the mind behind such a character is truly one to envy.