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  • El cielo del centauro

    El cielo del centauro

    Not at all the enfeebled recapitulation of an old master's obsessions that I had worried it would be.

    Or rather, it is an often loosely threaded patchwork of motifs, images and sounds dragged from the 20th century and this director's sparse but rich body of work. But Santiago's mise-en-scène is as muscular as ever – strikingly so, in an era when this has become rare as much because of shifting models of production as changes in taste. So daring, densely…

  • Full Contact

    Full Contact

    Can anyone help with identifying the songs in the nightclub/dance scenes?

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  • The Enclosed Valley

    The Enclosed Valley

    Like all my favorite films, it takes the world apart, then puts it together again.

    An enormous and quiet vision of assembling.

  • The Big Mouth

    The Big Mouth

    Third time around with this, what on first viewing had seemed to be the Jerry movie. And that it still may be, though it’s hard to watch around others. It’s so mental, so direct a rendition of the architecture of Lewis’ mind, even in the long stretches when the Jerry character is not present, that every repetition, elongation, fumbled joke is charged, but only once you’ve surrendered to the film’s moody, anxious wavelength. In The Ladies Man, the house/head is…