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  • Ishtar


    2020 Cult Movie Challenge
    Week 27: July 1-July 7
    Bad Movie Week

    It's not that the editing is terrible (it is), it's not that the directing is all over the place (it is), it's not that the script is poorly written (it is), or the songs are un-memorable (they are).

    It's that Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman are completely out of their comfort zones and left to their own devices over-intellectualising a couple of two dimensional Maritn&Lewis clowns.

  • Sex and Fury

    Sex and Fury

    2020 Cult Movie Challenge
    Week 26: June 24-June 30
    Pinky Violence Week

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  • Personal Shopper

    Personal Shopper


    Kristen Stewart is fucking phenomenal in this, especially her closely observed study of anxiety.

    That surely should be enough, but Assayas constructs a beautifully tense, finely-tuned ghost story, with zero reliance on scares and a huge well-spring of emotion, wrapping it all inside enigmatic delivery and carefully placed unobtrusive camera work.

    Sucked me in from the get-go and scarcely let me breathe.


  • The Rehearsal

    The Rehearsal


    "Hey, good luck being average at tennis."

    Good performances let down by mediocre filmmaking.