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  • The Incredible Hulk

    The Incredible Hulk

    (re)watching the mcu in chronological order and this is one i've not seen before. actually surprised at how much i liked it? not wildly into it, but i don't really see why people dislike it so much. it did go downhill during the second half but the first half was p damn solid imo

  • The Square

    The Square

    - i seriously considered walking out of the cinema for the first time in my life 
    - IT WAS SO BAD 
    - i was provoked and not in the good way 
    - the good? 🤷‍♂️ : the italian greyhound (claes bang was good too i guess)

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  • Skyfall


    task 10 / film 3 of scavenger hunt 30

    over the years i've started this movie about 4 times, but i don't think i ever got further than to the theme song. i haven't watched many of the bond movies (i have watched 5-10 minute intervals of a lot of them though), but this one is definitely my favourite. the pacing was good, and there wasn't a ton of time spent on irrelevant flings/sexcapades which i appreciated

  • Tangerine


    queer films challenge '18: a film starring a trans actor or actress

    this wasn't as good as i'd hoped, during the first half i was ready to quit but it got better w time. not gonna pretend like i get the artistic choice of filming on iphones (i guess u could argue it makes for a more "real" film, but idk it just reminded me of watching shitty student films in high school). also that scene w the two dudes…