Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★★

Urmmmm you guys ... ITS REALLY FUCKING GOOD. Like I wasn't sure what to expect I was kinda going into it all blind, I think I'd only watched the first trailer one time and thought it looked mediocre at best but honestly I got the surprise of my life because I thoroughly enjoyed every single second and the doubts I had in the back of my mind were really proven wrong. It was just so much fun to watch and I really felt like I was a part of it, it just sucked me right in and I didn't want it to end. And then when it did end I was really genuinely gutted, I wanted it to go on and on and on forever but it doesn't (which, in hindsight, is a good thing.) Also, speaking of the end make sure to stick around for the two end credits scenes. The second one especially is a real treat. 👀

I don't even know where to start with this review really, my mind is going crazy and I'm still riding that after cinema high. You know that feeling when you've just seen a really good film and you get home and your mum is like telling you to empty the dishwasher but you can't because in you're mind you're still in Spanish class with Peter Parker? Yeah that. 

So this felt like an MCU movie but at the same time it didn't. If that makes any sense!? I mean we had the typical MCU trademarks, a crowd pleasing Stan Lee cameo and some really cool easter eggs to connect this to the other 500 films in the universe and to set some interesting things up for the future. However, at the same time this felt different kinda like it wasn't following the typical 'how to make a superhero movie 101' formula. It stood on its own two feet and did feel very separate whilst also being a part of this bigger universe. I don't know if it was the Sony influence or if it was more the influence of director Jon Watts, probably the latter. Before seeing it today I was watching a lot of cast interviews and I was really drawn to him. Watts seems like a really cool guy, who speaks really eloquently and passionately and knew exactly what he wanted to do with this film and in my opinion (which means nothing whatsoever but whatever lol) he succeeded. Big time. I really hope he returns for the sequel and I really hope he gets the chance to make more films outside of the MCU because I really look forward to seeing more of his work. Also, I was desperately trying to find somewhere to watch Cop Car before seeing this but couldn't find it anywhere and I want to see it even more so now. So if anyone knows where I can watch it please do hit me up. 

The whole script and the dialogue paired with the really talented Tom Holland are a match made in heaven. It's perfection and I was genuinely pleasantly surprised. Tom's Peter is witty, funny, charming and also kinda dorky in the best way all at the same time. I was chuckling every few minutes, the humour actually works and I feel like it's pretty universal in the sense that literally everyone in the cinema will laugh or at least chuckle under their breath, at least they did in my showing anyways. And to me, in my eyes, that's who Peter Parker is supposed to be. It's nice to see him actually be a 'kid' and I feel like we didn't get that before. It's nice to see him come home. The whole high school coming of age setting and feeling of the film works really well and it feels new, refreshing and exciting. 

Every character in this film has their moment and they're all important and completely necessary to the story. It's great to see Happy Hogan back in the MCU and Peter's best friend Ned is just a delight every time he's on screen. Also, finally we have a decent MCU villain!? Hooray!? I won't say too much because ... spoilers. BUT his motivation actually makes sense like the way it all kinda falls together is cool and I kinda found myself nodding along because I could see where the guy was coming from. However, this may very well be just my Michael Keaton bias talking. 

I actually really had to stop myself from giving this 5 stars because I do feel like that would be slightly overrating it. But then again at this moment I can't think of anything I didn't like about it? The only tiny criticism I have is that I wish we got to see more of Zendaya's character Michelle. I hope to rewatch it in the cinema again soon and if I don't find anything I dislike then it's extremely likely that I would be tempted to bump this up to 5 stars. But as someone who wasn't even remotely excited until about a week ago 4 stars is a pretty big deal. I'm just so happy I saw this on opening day and I really do hope I get to see it and enjoy it all over again in the cinema really soon.

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