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  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins

    Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins


    I am a big fan of the Toy Story movies and Pixar in general. And Toy Story 3 is in my opinion the best animated movie ever made. So I was looking forward to watching this. But after watching this I was really let down. This movie is boring, slow and predictable. Probably the only positive thing about this movie is Tim Allen who once again does a great job playing Buzz Lightyear. But everything else I didn't like. Like…

  • Ratatouille



    I didnt know if i've seen this movie before so I decide to watch and its probably one of my favourite Pixar movies. Mostly everything about was great. First the acting was great by Patton Oswalt, Lou Romano, Janeane Garofalo and Peter O'Toole all did a great job. Brad Bird once again is a great director for animation. With this and The Incredibles he has shown that he is one of the best people working at Pixar and did a…

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  • There's Something About Mary

    There's Something About Mary


    Scavenger Hunt #31 October 2017
    Task 3: A film with a scene where something embarrassing/humiliating happens to a character(s).

    Before watching this movie I have heard that this is one of the best comedies ever made. And I thought it was good. Ben Stiller, Matt Dillon and Cameron Diaz or had their time to shine and they all had chemistry together. The Farrelly Brothers did an alright job directing this film and writing was good too. So overall I had a fun time with this movie and I would give 4/5

  • Bananas



    I have never seen a Woody Allen movie before so I wanted to see if it was good. And it wasnt that good. I'm not saying its awful I'm just saying it not that good. The first half was the best part of the movie which was really funny and clever. And the second half it got a little bit to serious and it started to bore me. But overall i wouldnt watch it again but it was ok so I would give it 2.5/5