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  • Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair
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  • Scream



    After a little over a year without writing a review and without stepping into a movie theater, "Scream" rekindled my passion for horror movies just like the original started it back in 1996.

    All the films in the franchise are love letters to the genre, but "Scream" 2022 (I'll call it "Scream 5") is also a moving tribute to the legacy of the great Wes Craven.

    No spoilers, I promise.

    Directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett claim to be huge…

  • God Told Me To

    God Told Me To


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Part of HOOPT🚨BER 7.0: “Stay Inside (the Salt Circle)!” challenge.

    A genderless alien, claiming to be God, communicates telepathically with his/her chosen disciples and demands the shedding of innocent blood as an offering.

    The mythology behind Larry Cohen's "God Told Me To" is fascinating. Even with the strong supernatural elements, the plot tries its best to create connections with our reality and even dares to cast doubt on the true origin and purpose of great names in human…

Popular reviews

  • The Open House

    The Open House


    Another cheap psychological horror film from Netflix, just like last year's "Clinical" and so many others. Here you can find a huge selection of the most worn-out clichés of the genre. All performed in the most boring way possible.

    This movie has no soul. It looks like it was made by a robot. And most of the time it seems that it's interpreted by robots as well.

    Dylan Minnette goes through the entire film alternating between two facial expressions: boredom…

  • A Dark Song

    A Dark Song


    This film is not for every horror fan. Not only is a slow burn with practically only two characters, but it also relies heavily on the power of imagination. If you seek jump scares or gore, stay away.

    The real horror is inside the protagonist Sophia, brilliantly played by Catherine Walker. The horrible feelings that she hides inside, including the crave for revenge and the emptiness, are nothing compared with the horror that would be finding nothing that could heal…