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  • Hereditary



    What a wicked and sick film. I loved it!

    Many people blamed a critic who said that this movie was "The Exorcist" of this generation for causing a false expectation about the real intent of the film. I agree with him. "Hereditary", in many ways, is a profound evolution of the central fear addressed by the 1973 classic: the fear of losing control of one's own body and mind. But this time, without the focus on the contortions, the rotting…

  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    "The House That Jack Built" is pure sadism. It's hard to choose the most disturbing scene, and at the same time, in some situations, Jack is so audacious that you have no choice but to reverence him.

    At no point, the film let the audience forget that Jack is a monster, but even so, you can't take your eyes off his cruelties.
    And he is really vile.

    It's no exaggeration to say that this film isn't for everyone. I completely…

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  • The Possession of Hannah Grace

    The Possession of Hannah Grace

    Here in Brazil, this movie received perhaps the most generic title I've ever seen for a horror movie. Here, "The Possession of Hannah Grace" became only "Cadáver." It was probably a tip from the national distributors to let the public know in advance the generic crap they're paying to watch.

    Hannah moves like a broken Smeagol and her bones crack more than Kayako's. Sometimes she stands perfectly, but what she really likes is crawling across the floor in the most…

  • Upgrade



    While still having a lot of neon and electronic music, "Upgrade" world is much more realistic and less exotic than most futuristic films. It's more "Logan" than "Blade Runner" in this regard.

    It's a very interesting world that values the functionality and realistic potential of its innovations. Just as in our present society, the old and new coexist. Cars that don't need drivers are already a reality. The only difference here is that they're common on the streets. Houses controlled…

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  • The Open House

    The Open House


    Another cheap psychological horror film from Netflix, just like last year's "Clinical" and so many others. Here you can find a huge selection of the most worn-out clichés of the genre. All performed in the most boring way possible.

    This movie has no soul. It looks like it was made by a robot. And most of the time it seems that it's interpreted by robots as well.

    Dylan Minnette goes through the entire film alternating between two facial expressions: boredom…

  • It



    The feeling of "horror" is different from "terror". Basically, "terror" is the feeling of anxiety and fear that precedes a scary moment (a scare), the torturous anticipation of something horrible that is bound to happen. Your heart speeds up, your pupil dilates, your hands become cold and your hearing is sharpened.
    However, "horror" is the feeling of revulsion, the shock of witnessing something horrible that freezes your senses and squeezes your throat.

    In short, "terror" is the fear of looking…