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  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    The invisible man is a cunning monster born from a dangerous cross between scientific brilliance and uncontrollable narcissism. However, unlike other classic monsters, what makes Griffin (the invisible man) a monster isn't exactly his "superpower", but his complete lack of empathy and scruples.

    In addition, this Griffin has another "superpower" that is much more destructive (and relatable) than invisibility: he's an expert manipulator. The film demonstrates both his abilities very well and, cleverly, almost always through the suffering of his…

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  • Wishmaster



    With a sequence of events that at times seems disjointed and messy, "Wishmaster" manages to entertain mainly fans of fun practical effects, the specialty of Robert Kurtzman, a master of special effects venturing into the director's chair.
    Generally, this combination obviously results in a product that prioritizes effects over everything else and "Wishmaster" is no different.

    From Stan Winston's "Pumpkinhead" with its magnificent creature of unique design to John Carl Buechler's "Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood" with…

  • Orca: The Killer Whale

    Orca: The Killer Whale


    "The world has changed. Even our Gods dance to a new song."

    I'm pretty amazed by this early "Jaws" rip-off. In addition to the impressive cast that includes the muses Charlotte Rampling and Bo Derek and the great Richard Harris in the lead role, "Orca: The Killer Whale" has creative sets, an admirable mix of practical effects and real images to create its killer whales, a beautiful soundtrack composed by Ennio Morricone and, at the heart of it all, a…

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  • The Open House

    The Open House


    Another cheap psychological horror film from Netflix, just like last year's "Clinical" and so many others. Here you can find a huge selection of the most worn-out clichés of the genre. All performed in the most boring way possible.

    This movie has no soul. It looks like it was made by a robot. And most of the time it seems that it's interpreted by robots as well.

    Dylan Minnette goes through the entire film alternating between two facial expressions: boredom…

  • Hereditary



    What a wicked and sick film. I loved it!

    Many people blamed a critic who said that this movie was "The Exorcist" of this generation for causing a false expectation about the real intent of the film. I agree with him. "Hereditary", in many ways, is a profound evolution of the central fear addressed by the 1973 classic: the fear of losing control of one's own body and mind. But this time, without the focus on the contortions, the rotting…