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  • Roar



    Considered by many to be "the most dangerous movie ever made", "Roar" is simply unbelievable! Other adjectives that will go through your mind while watching may be: crazy, brave, irresponsible, shocking, stupid and unique.

    Dozens of lions, tigers, panthers and all sorts of "big cats" invading every corner of the house like a swarm of bees, chasing the actors, biting, jumping over, destroying everything around with the sheer weight of their huge bodies, and all without stunt doubles or CGI.…

  • Death Wish 3

    Death Wish 3


    "Death Wish 3" is one of the most satisfying and funny movies I've ever watched. The kind of film that, unfortunately, is no longer made today thanks to the hellish patrol of politically correct attention whores, also known as SJWs. If you doubt, just look at the absurd 6% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, where all the critics are from 2000 onwards and almost all show their real political motive behind their hatred for this movie.

    From the initial credits…

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  • The Open House

    The Open House


    Another cheap psychological horror film from Netflix, just like last year's "Clinical" and so many others. Here you can find a huge selection of the most worn-out clichés of the genre. All performed in the most boring way possible.

    This movie has no soul. It looks like it was made by a robot. And most of the time it seems that it's interpreted by robots as well.

    Dylan Minnette goes through the entire film alternating between two facial expressions: boredom…

  • It



    The feeling of "horror" is different from "terror". Basically, "terror" is the feeling of anxiety and fear that precedes a scary moment (a scare), the torturous anticipation of something horrible that is bound to happen. Your heart speeds up, your pupil dilates, your hands become cold and your hearing is sharpened.
    However, "horror" is the feeling of revulsion, the shock of witnessing something horrible that freezes your senses and squeezes your throat.

    In short, "terror" is the fear of looking…