Manila in the Claws of Light

Manila in the Claws of Light ★★★★½

Just another end. Another sad note on the newspapers.

Before being swallowed up by the city, Julio Madiaga and Ligaya Paraíso lived like Adam and Eve in their bucolic paradise of simple but peaceful life. Everything changed with the arrival of Mrs. Cruz, the snake (or pig, as Julio would say) that offers the forbidden fruit of greed.

The director shows all the faces of the moral rot that inhabits his Manila, sparing no one. People here are abused to the point where they can't stand it anymore. Then they fill their hearts with hatred, abandoning whatever moral value they possess and let their rage out.
And what do they get in return?

Throughout the film we got used to receiving bad news involving the disgrace of friends and acquaintances of the protagonist. And we came to believe that we were following the story of the one who would escape the claws of this city.

Little did we know that we're just witnessing another tragic story, among so many others, that occur daily in this city that feels more like a limbo on Earth.

In Lino Brocka's "Manila in the Claws of Light", there are no heroes and no villains who can escape a cruel fate. They're all nothing more than another bad news waiting to be told.

9/10 - AMAZING

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