Raw ★★★★

"Raw" is like a more mature and horrifying version of "Ginger Snaps".

Both films have two sisters with different personalities as protagonists and both talk about the passage to adulthood, loss of virginity and changes in the body using horror as a metaphor.

There are other small similarities, but this is not the case, because what "Raw" lacks in originality, it makes up for with an incredible execution.

The director Julia Ducournau includes modern concepts in the creation of her young characters that faithfully illustrate the lifestyle and way of thinking of this generation. Anorexia, more acceptance of homossexual relashionships, vegetarianism, a blurring of the gender barriers, and, overall, a much more liberal university life.

There is a coldness, a lack of empathy mixed with egocentrism present in the air, which is complemented by sterile scenarios and isolated landscapes. This insipid atmosphere allows a greater prominence to the elements that flee from this indifference, usually involving carnage and explicit sex. Both are fundamental to give the necessary impact to the plot.

Garance Marilier does an excelent job as Justine. As the greatest actresses do, she gave herself body and soul to this role, conveying with perfection each of the various intense feelings that inhabit her character.

About the mythology, the way the characters use to get victims is shocking because it is realistic enough to cause discomfort in those who watch. The amount of information they give us is enough, as we discover things with Justine. But I confess that I wanted to know a little more about the character of the mother. That's one of the hallmarks of a well-built mythology: you always want to know more.

Of all the sensations that "Raw" manages to transmit, the best, for me, was the perfect mixture between sexual desire and an uncontrollable hunger for meat, awakened by the smell. A mixture so powerful that makes the nose bleed in desire.
When, finally, these desires are consummated, they explode in a sex scene where all the senses are in full bloom.

"Raw" is an amazing modern tale about the arrival of adulthood blended with great elements of body horror, that delivers a mature mythology enriched by Garance Marillier's inspired performance.


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