The Wailing

The Wailing ★★★★½

"The Wailing" is a refreshing tale about ghosts and possessions.
But it's not only that. It has comedy, drama and horror well-balanced during it's two hours and thirty five minutes.
We can tell that writer and director Na Hong-jin made this film with real passion for the character. All of them behave like real people. Simple and good people caught in a very scary situation without knowing who to trust.

In the first half hour we get a full introduction to this world. A world that feels real during the whole movie.
The only parts that looks a little uncredible are close to the end, but at this point, it fits completely with that moment.

I'm being very careful to not spoil anything but what is important to say is that "The Wailing" has a strong mythology, is very well-acted and produced and looks like something that could really happen.

9/10 - AMAZING

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