Encanto ★★★½


literally the best fucking song in this tf.

I watched this last night and reviewing it now so yee.

Anyway this was pretty good. I kinda hate Latino Lookalike But Arguably Better Than Ben Platt, Lin Manuel Miranda. Plus eesh Disney.

But it actually turned out pretty good. As a Mexican I always see Latino people in big US movies in adult movies about drugs, it’s super annoying, so it’s nice to see Disney make a kids movie starring Latino characters. While I do hate Disney, I do tip my hat to them for this. Disney has been makin a relationship with us with stuff like this and Coco.

This DOES NOT beat Coco tho. Coco is much better imo.

It’s not like it was bad it just needs more and sometimes less y’know? But let me start with stuff I did like.

I loved most of the songs they were really well written and sung and WE DONT TALK ABOUT BRUNO NO NO NO is def goin the playlist holy shit. I LOVE the colors going on here. I always love when films are super saturated and colorful, I feel like it just adds so much joy to the film. The animation is absolutely STELLAR. Like this stands out among Disney films it’s INSANE. Most of the story I really liked, most of the story really fuckin resonated with me, y’know? Almost all the characters were hot and i’m not gonna go further into i— okay fine Bruno is fucking HOT—


Yeah the story really resonated with me. Having that feeling of family rejection even though they claim it’s not that way or they just make it extremely obvious. It kinda captures bein queer in a Mexican family ngl.

Okay so I wanna get into stuff that I didn’t really like that much.

One song I didn’t like the most was Surface Pressure. It was mostly alright, had some good moments but it just had quite a bit I didn’t like. I also didn’t really like the ending if I’m gonna be honest. In the ending it’s just “everything is forgiven and everyone gets their powers back”. Like ig the ending is fine for kids but kids movie don’t need to be that surface level. Especially one by Disney. ESPECIALLY one by Disney where it gets pretty dark and emotional. If I were to change the ending, I think I’d have some forgiveness in it but not like total forgiveness, plus all the characters don’t get their powers back, to just really nail in that message of having to rely on each other y’know? This film is about a broken family literally represented by a breaking/broken house. The ending should have been better. There’s another film I love about a broken family that I think is actually pretty comparable to Encanto. That film is The Royal Tenenbaums. These films are both about broken families and while one goes the kids route (even though kids are smart enough to get a more adult ending) one goes the much more realistic and satisfying ending. In The Royal Tenenbaums, the kids never really fully forgive Royal. And that’s okay. I believe they should’ve done the same with Encanto, especially because it sends a better message to kids. While yes family is important, you never HAVE to forgive family. If I had to forgive my family for some of their shit, a lotta shit would’ve slid. I think that’s important for kids.

Other than all that, pretty good movie. Not the best but pretty good.

god Bruno can live in my walls—

Cya later my fellow homosexuals 🏳️‍⚧️

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