The Curse of Frankenstein

The Curse of Frankenstein ★★★★

Hooptober 8.0, 2021
Entry #24: 2 Hammer Horror Films (2/2)

"I've harmed nobody, just robbed a few graves. And what doctor or scientist doesn't?"

Was gonna watch Dracula: Prince of Darkness for this slot but due to unforeseen financial troubles I've gotta go with something I don't have to rent, thankfully this is on HBOMax.

So we have the first of the Hammer Frankenstein movies, it's about the Baron Frankenstein on death row telling the story of how he got there and his creation. I've always liked to see different adaptations of Frankenstein because you can do so much with the concept of a mad scientist making new life, while the greatness of the original novel hasn't been touched yet there are some quality films to come from it. I think this film is one of them.

Peter Cushing is here and he is great as always. Lee is the monster and gives a performance similar to his role in The Mummy. Terence Fisher's directing is top notch (as always, as I've noticed from what I've seen from him so far), the Gothic architecture and mad scientist laboratory aesthetics are top notch, I adore the sets. The monster's make up looks good, definitely an interesting take on the monster visually. Overall a very enjoyable take on the story, a hammer classic for a reason I suppose.