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  • Crazy, Stupid, Love.

    Crazy, Stupid, Love.


    75% great and enjoyable
    25% trash

  • The Greatest Showman

    The Greatest Showman


    Too much OTT cgi. Too many heightened emotional scenes that have no build and appear almost out of nowhere. So many unearned moments. The characters aren’t properly developed and the ones we do see, have arch’s which resemble jagged lines. 
    That being said, I did leave the cinema feeling like I just left the circus. So that’s something.

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  • RoboCop



    This film gets even better every time I watch it. Not quite sure how, considering I know the twist and turns.
    The opening of this film is very very powerful, I found myself engaged to the point where I was over the top horrified and simply distraught. The momentum of the film is pretty flawless, it indulges the viewer by allowing them to really take in what is happening.
    Such a serious review seems silly over an action film like…

  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    Spring breakers is a mixed bag, jumping between conventions, utilising many different methods of story telling etc. This could either have a positive or a negative effect on the viewer.

    The film starts with a faint introduction to the characters and the plot, by faint I mean it is all very thin as you're told next to nothing other than these girls want to break out of their home town and go away to spring break. Although it is all…