Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★

Spring breakers is a mixed bag, jumping between conventions, utilising many different methods of story telling etc. This could either have a positive or a negative effect on the viewer.

The film starts with a faint introduction to the characters and the plot, by faint I mean it is all very thin as you're told next to nothing other than these girls want to break out of their home town and go away to spring break. Although it is all very linear, the scenes where the plot actually commences is all very fragmented. The use of splicing these scenes of violence with the introduction of the story becomes somewhat confusing, as the viewer has to put together what has happened in terms of the natural progression of the story. The use of the strong coloured lights does not help, as it can be disengaging rather than aesthetic.

With the former half of the film behind, the latter is much better in terms of story telling. I really appreciated the use of juxtaposition with the Britney Spears ballad with the scenes of violence, it was clever and bizarre making it very interesting to watch. The introduction of Alien is a little more thorough than the protagonists despite it being through expository dialogue. Regardless, the latter half of the film delivers what is promised of the film.

In regards to acting, the female protagonists with the giggling and profanities aside bring not very much to the characterisation making these characters difficult to empathise with resulting in disengagement each time the characters are in peril. However, I personally would not attach the connotations of unlikable to these characters, but instead suggest that they were foolish. James Franco undergoes a significant transformation to embody rapper Alien, who is a sensitive gangster. His performance is strong and carries the narrative almost effortlessly transforming the film from spring breakers to gang rivalry, gun crime, addiction etc. with this being said, it is vital to know that this film does not comment on any of these, nor is it a satire, it is just an entertaining reckless neon girls gone wild.

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