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  • Knock Knock

    Knock Knock


    Free pizza + free haircut = three out of ten.

  • The Big Bluff

    The Big Bluff


    An average Noir from Billy Wilder's brother that never seems to really get out of second gear until the very end, by which time it's a little too late to salvage.

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  • Batman



    Why I love this film so much:

    - The Bat Copter!
    - Bitch-slapping an exploding shark
    - Dodgy Irish accented cop
    - 'That' theme tune
    - The Bat Boat!
    - The nobility of a suicidal porpoise (!)
    - A ball point banana
    - Jet-pack umbrellas
    - "Bless my dust pan!" & "Holy Halloween!"
    - 'Dehydrated' pirates.
    - "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb!"
    - 'Re-hydrated' pirates
    - The Bat Cycle!
    - Cat in a dinghy
    - Umbrella/sword duel atop a submarine
    - Bat Centrifuge!
    - Bat ropes!

    In summary: Forget Nolan's films; watch this instead.

  • Sucker Punch

    Sucker Punch

    Before they added all the slo-mo, this was apparently a 6 minute music video.