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  • Lean on Pete

    Lean on Pete


    "Lean on Pete" tells the story of Charley and his compulsive need to run away when people tell him to stay in one place.

    Actually, "Lean on Pete" is about a teenager boy who cares for an old race horse that is going to be put down. Charlie Plummer is a great young actor, and he has a good supporting cast (including the horse) to help him excel in this film at such a young age. "Lean on Pete" is a great film with a great story that well deserves a view from anyone.

  • Slender Man

    Slender Man


    I didn't expect any film to beat "Fifty Shades Freed" as the worst film I've seen this year but... YIKES. There are only 2 things I can say I intentionally liked...

    1. Cool camera shot with a shadow
    2. Sound Design sounded great in the theater.

    But besides that, everything else is just terrible. That being said, I did quite enjoy watching this trainwreck of a film because it was unintentionally hilarious during many a few moments including but not…

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  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You


    I'd like to thank the trailer for not spoiling this insane and awesome film.

  • Watchmen



    Watchmen (Director's Cut)

    Ok, I love comic book films, and if you make a comic book film super enjoyable in many aspects I will love it... And if it's enjoyable and really long, even better! It just let's me get sucked into the storyline and world more, this is one of the reasons I loved "Infinity War" so much... I'm not the biggest fan of Zach Snyder but Watchmen is just a great film.