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  • Tag



    "Tag" surpassed my expectations and was actually a pretty damn funny flick. I would compare this to "Game Night" and "Blockers" with "Tag" being in the middle of the 2.

  • Incredibles 2

    Incredibles 2


    What brought my childhood back??

    Monsters University - NO!

    Finding Dory - NO!

    Incredibles 2 - OH MY GOD YES!!

    Seriously Guys. Don't sit on this film! I saw "The Incredibles" in theaters at 6 years old, and now at 20, "Incredibles 2" is EASILY as good as the original. Forgot about how "Finding Dory" and "Monsters University" were supposed to bring your childhood back, and how... while they aren't bad films by any means... something was missing. I can't…

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  • Thoroughbreds



    UGH... I'm so mad I didn't get a chance to see this in theaters because this film is by far one of the best I've seen all year. With awesome acting from the leads, a great script and good directing from Cory Finley (His first outing for both), and some insanely satisfying sound design "Thoroughbreds" is not a movie to sleep on. Rent or Buy this dark comedy ASAP.

  • Upgrade



    From the guy who wrote the lines "My last girlfriend was a feminist, vegan punk who broke up with me because she thought I was too angry." And
    "I don't care if you covered yourself in peanut butter and had a fifth-teen hooker gang-bang." Made a fantastic film about a quadriplegic who gets a robot implanted into his neck that allows him to walk... And subsequently KICK ASS!!!

    The first film that comes to mind when I think of "Upgrade"…