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  • Slumber Party Massacre

    Slumber Party Massacre


    This was so fun and funny. Really appreciated all the nods to the old films and the silliness around the gender roles. 

    Also, this totally caught me in the middle of a "well actually" and put me in my place. Double laugh for that one.

  • Climax


    I didn't care for Haneke's Funny Games, but his comments on his own film were (and I'm paraphrasing here) it's fine if you didn't think it was good. It wasn't made for you. You didn't need this film. 

    And I understood better what Haneke was getting at. It made sense. He was attempting to comment on America's desensitization to graphic senseless violence. Seeing it could be a realization/release. 

    Dafuq was going on with Climax? I've no fucking clue. "Drugs are bad, but people are worse"? I guess that's a thing people need to be reminded of.