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  • Wild Strawberries

    Wild Strawberries


    A dying future and an old man's past, more alive than the present ticking clock. The bright and sparkling here and now belongs to the living while the melancholic burdens dig their way into the ground, together with the old man's bones and his fragile conscience. Conscience is a ghost, a haunting force with no remorse until the day the fragile present fades into a dreamlike forever. Until the day we wave our mother earth, our forever past and eternal…

  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas


    During this sunny day and my first day of my very needed week off from work, I'm still daydreaming with this film in mind. I believe, especially after a full night of sleep, that it's a strong sign that a film truly left a lasting impression when you can't just let it go off your mind at that point. And here I am, a night, a morning and part of the afternoon later, sitting in my chair in the garden,…

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  • Poker Night

    Poker Night


    Even though it's too obviously trying to be edgy without adding actual worthy substance on that department, this was still an oddly, yet satisfyingly structured thriller with a thrilling pace and great acting. The villain's vile methods and the surprising turns kept the tension alive untill the end, even when not every single plot element fully worked, whether that was due to credibility reasons or simply because a lack of proper development. The forced shock value got a little distracting…

  • Nekrotronic



    Not sure whether this is the definitive Ghostbusters for immature adults or not but it's pretty damn close. Utterly ridiculous, totally silly, absolutely bonkers and insanely fun, Nekrotronic is like a neon-lit, demon filled roller coaster attraction for those who outgrew Disney land. Now, smash down your smartphone and crush it! Send it back to hell before the demons are spamming you with e-mails that bring the digital apocalypse upon us! Avoid clicking on it at all costs. You can thank me later.

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  • Thirst



    Park Chan-Wook masterfully guides us through this twisted journey of duality with thrilling sensuality, moral hostility and bloody absurdism. Through tragedy we witness two opposites, doomed to be lovers, descending into a battle of faith, guilt, longings, pleasure and anguish.
    A heavenly gift and a hellish burden, hand in hand they run, reliant on each other and yet inevitably cut off, drenched in the blood of eachothers sins and in the holy water of their conscious righteousness. Repulsion as the…

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    The birds, the sun, the trees. They stare, they are, they rest their case. Shush! This is a quiet place. A loved one and a child, awareness, fear, the hunting monsters, too much to bear. Comforting voices, erased from earth as we know it, left are the safe and silent gestures, to prevent the worst fate, the ruthless enemy will hit. No scream, no sound, ruthlessly disquieting and homebound. The peril, it's preying. Here, there, at any given time, saying: we will be coming, we will be striking. Prepare, beware, before all that is left is a bloody quiet place.