Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★

Zack is back! And this time he's bringing us an Army of the dead in high speed, a stunning new take on the zombie flick, a cool cast of fun and strong characters, some absolutely bonkers and intense action scenes with as a highlight the helicopter sequence and there is also a freakin zombie tiger, which was fucking cool! That creature is a pure masterpiece of modern vfx.

This is wild, insane and fun spectacle and the mix of zombie and heist film worked incredibly well in the context of the story. Zack Snyder goes wild in a way we haven't seen him doing before and although he's tackled the zombie genre before, he's on entirely new territory here, injecting the genre with a fresh new twist. And although different than what he's done before, his eye for visual artistry remains brilliant and absolutely mindblowing.

The final scene was a bit of a headscratcher and some characters are underused, but some nitpicks aside, Army of the dead is simply fucking awesome. There is also a powerful moment of drama near the end that felt like it's a very personal thing for Snyder considering what he's been going through lately, and I literally felt a shiver running down my spine during that scene. Zack is back and he's back in topform!

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