Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

To date this dazzling piece of sci-fi has hardly aged, which is unbelievable for an 80's movie. Not every similarly themed classic sci-fi movie can say "cough Total recall cough" the same.
The slow paced approach may not be for everyone, but for those who don't shy away from philosophical subject matter or dystopian sci-fi in general, Ridley Scott's masterpiece is a must watch.

The urban setpieces, full of neon light and with that neverending rainfall, look gloomy. . . a look I would strangely entitle affectingly depressing. And visually beyond striking.

I would entitle the handling of the story the same. Affectingly depressing.
It's (melo) dramatic, thought provoking and it goes way beyond the usual standards of storytelling. The potentially dangerous reach of corporations, both inside of the physical world and the mental world of the susceptible human or artificial self, is an important part of the story, and is fully integrated within the development of the characters too, making Blade runner a nearly flawless total experience.

Harrison Ford's iconic Rick Deckard wanders through the mentally and physically injured world tracking down replicants, seemingly without remorse. But something is bothering him, even while ruthlessly fullfilling every job, and that something (which is explained in the movie) makes him question everything about the meaning of his purpose in life.

Harrison Ford is fantastic, and Rutger Hauer is cast as a memorable and truly menacing villain. Together they form a strong fundament for equally strong character development and acting masterclasses, with Sean Young and Edward James Olmos as convincing and essential supporting characters.

The sparingly used, but nonetheless strong action sequences are shocking and violent. Never over the top, but always realistic and bloody.

Blade runner is essential viewing, a mindbending and mysterious piece of cinema, full of incredible details and rich storytelling, and with a fittingly mesmerizing soundtrack to complete the already well established atmosphere. It's one of my favorite movies, an experience and it should be experienced by every single film fanatic!

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