Captive State

Captive State ★★★★

A devastating otherworldly force, hitting hard and deep and scorching its permanent scars into the fundamentals of earth, into totalitarian depression. The aftermath, quiet and vicious like an invisible poison, inperceptibly trapping its victims. Like a predator. Whispers, a secretive memory, getting louder and louder untill it's slowly become an unbearable, disorienting yet all too real nightmare. Now a screeching, deafening noise. The omen, bringer of an inevitable and all consuming disorder, of anarchy and of chaos, increasing and increasing towards its deadly outburst, towards the rise of a new world order, a menacing power fuelled by hostility and paranoia warfare.

Captive state might be the best alien invasion film that's actually not about the alien invasion. Thrilling, clever, and sure it's riveting and entirely captivating too.

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