Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies ★★★★★

Films are supposed to make you feel something. Grave of the fireflies is a film that will make you feel everything. It's a devastating experience, an emotional journey, a sad and touching story about the deathly disease called war.

Tear jerkingly heartbreaking, Grave of the fireflies is one of the great war films, a sentimental, yet grounded exploration of human relationships during the grisliest of times. An ode to unconditional love, to honor the indisputable caring about each other while the world's heart is crying. While it's burning, clashing and fighting, and yet never ceases to amaze with it's wonderful creation called nature.

It's a deeply moving depiction of one of mankind's most hellish creations, war, in all it's disastrous lunacy and deathly stupidity with at it's heart the kind of human affection that brings a sparkle of light within the blackest of times. The kind of everlasting kindness that will help them, the fireflies, to continue bringing that beautiful light upon us, to guide us through the fog of left-behinds, those shadows of brighter pasts that will never return. To supply that glimpse of hope. A grave is where their glowing will inevitably stop to exist after all.

It's an outstanding piece of cinema, a stirring cinematic outing, one that's going directly into my list of favorites. Although I'll probably never watch it again.

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