Malignant ★★★★

Well, what's to say about James Wan's bonkers insane genre mash-up? It pays homage to the glory days of the Giallo. It's just as crazy, wild and loud and brings the significant bloody, violent style back to life with a memorable, modern twist to it, yet with gloomier, darker color palettes. It's unlike anything the skilled director of The conjuring has done before. Not much could prepare you for how nuts this thing actually is. Only a truly great filmmaker could make such a nuts concept cool, and Wan achieves exactly that with stylish looks, a ruthless fast pace, extreme genre-bending twists and bloodshed so bizarre that it walks the line between shocking and absurd. Wan went all out with pretty much everything here, from the violent killing sprees to the endless conceptual craziness which reaches heights so fierce and untamed that calling Malignant the most bonkers film of 2021 would be more than justified.

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