No One Gets Out Alive

No One Gets Out Alive ★★★½

In an attempt at becoming this year's "His house", No one gets out alive adresses the miserable conditions immigrants have to deal with, but does so to less effective result than the aforementioned film. Reality and nightmares blend into an incohesive, yet often still eerily scary whole, but the incorporated backstory isn't by far as poignant nor as emotionally involving as Remi Weekes' Netflix outing. The reason I keep comparing those is because this clearly tries to pull off a similar trick, but doesn't succeed as much. Despite a genuinely haunting atmosphere and moody cinematography, the creep factor doesn't reach much further than its well constructed jumpscares and its uncanny setpieces. The story never really finds momentum, and the pacing is a bit chaotic, but on its way the film is pushed to some compelling places. Most notably because some great characterwork, solid acting and a fascinating plot, even though the latter could have been presented in better, less disjointed ways. The final act is full of tension, well made and overall just great, despite some questionable creative decisions concerning the creature design. It's nonetheless solid entertainment and fitting stuff to watch during the spooky season.

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