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  • 50 First Dates

    50 First Dates

    This is incredibly high concept for a Sandler movie, and it’s handled surprisingly almost perfectly. Unfortunately it gets wrapped up in doing so and loses the fun of the first act, but it transforms into a more engaging story than simply a comedy.

  • I'm Still Here

    I'm Still Here

    There is something miraculous about this movie. It is so many different things all at once, in a way that seems utterly impossible on paper, and yet it manages them all with an offhanded flippancy. I'm Still Here feels entirely singular, and inherently cosmic. It is an anomaly. Something that shouldn't have been able to happen. Something that feels incredibly ahead of its time, and still not tired.

    One of the best things ever made, simply because of how unlike anything else it is. Endlessly watchable.

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  • The Phantom Carriage

    The Phantom Carriage

    Film School Drop Outs 2019
    Week 2: Genre - Horror - Silent Horror (1913-1928)

    Oh man, this really blew me away. This is by far my favorite silent film I have seen. I have never seen filmmaking that feels this modern in a film from the 1920s. Everything in this film feels so ahead of its time.

    To begin with, the complex editing on display here is what really drew me in. There are gorgeous long dissolves, flashbacks within flashbacks,…

  • Pandora's Box

    Pandora's Box

    Film School Drop Outs 2019
    Week 1: Actor - Louise Brooks

    What a start to the challenge! I was very pleasantly surprised by this film. It has the scope of a silent spectacle-epic, both in its plot and its composition, but never feels the need to put that spectacle on display. As a result, we are left with a winding crime drama that lays groundwork visually and narratively for 50s film noir and establishes the level of grandiose that even…