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  • Stagecoach


    Film School Drop Outs 2019
    Week 8: Genre - Western - The Dying Western (1930s)

    First off, let me just say thank God for Stagecoach. It singlehandedly saved a genre of film that has endlessly inspired me and paved the way for many of my favorite films to exist. It is about time I paid this film its due respect, and it did not disappoint.

    Stagecoach is a well plotted ensemble film that balances its nine primary characters surprisingly well.…

  • Moon


    What a baffling film to be so widely acclaimed. I really don't see what there is to love here. Sure, the premise is interesting, but nothing else about the filmmaking or the script gave me anything to hold onto.

    First off, this is a technical mess. The editing is objectively bad. The cinematography is so bizarrely styled and also just downright bad at points. Duncan Jones has no clue how to shoot an action scene. And most of all, in…

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  • The Phantom Carriage

    The Phantom Carriage

    Film School Drop Outs 2019
    Week 2: Genre - Horror - Silent Horror (1913-1928)

    Oh man, this really blew me away. This is by far my favorite silent film I have seen. I have never seen filmmaking that feels this modern in a film from the 1920s. Everything in this film feels so ahead of its time.

    To begin with, the complex editing on display here is what really drew me in. There are gorgeous long dissolves, flashbacks within flashbacks,…

  • Metropolis


    Film School Drop Outs 2019
    Week 6: Movement - German Weimar Cinema (1919-1933)

    Completely by coincidence, the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara was playing this tonight as a part of SBIFF, so I got to witness this masterpiece for the first time on a 50 foot screen with live organ accompaniment played on one of only five existing Wonder Morton Theatre Pipe Organs. It was truly the best way I could imagine seeing this film, and the fact that the…