Affair in the Snow

Affair in the Snow ★★★

MY FIRST YOSHIDA... it was decent

I didn't go into 'Affair in the Snow' with any real expectations but it is a Yoshida film so it's safe to say that I was disappointed by the underwhelming experience. 'Affair in the Snow' is a gorgeously shot film that takes full advantage of the incredible, snow drenched landscape and there were multiple shots that took full advantage of the darkness.

Other than the superb cinematography, 'Affair in the Snow' didn't really have much going for it. The story was very average and each of the three main characters were annoying in their own unique way. There is a song that plays about 40 times throughout and at first it's rather nice (mainly because it sounds similar to a part of the James Bond theme) but becomes very annoying, very quickly and feels out of place in almost every scene.

'Affair in the Snow' eventually started to pick up towards the end and the repetitive song began to feel appropriate but just as I was getting into it... the film ended. 'Affair in the Snow' isn't a bad film but I it was rather disappointed and hope that the next Yoshida film that I watch is a lot more memorable... I have a strong feeling that it will be!

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