Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★

Its pretty bad... but not as bad as Hitler

Almost all of Jojo Rabbits comedy falls completely flat and Taika Waititi as Hitler is so incredibly cringey and would of been the worst part of the movie if it wasn't for that one scene where Scarlett Johansson pretends to be Jojo's Dad which was borderline unwatchable due to how cringe it was.

This film would of been a 4/10 if it wasn't for the incredibly dark second half of the film which I thought was really great and I wish the rest of the film went for more of the same Dark tone instead of the haha Jews are evil but there not really evil which is why this joke is funny tone. The Only parts I actually found funny were the scenes with Steven Merchant who was hilarious and a lot of his scenes felt very improvised.

At times Jojo Rabbit feels like a rip off of a Wes Anderson film and made me wish that I was watching an actual Wes Anderson film instead of a crappy rip off, I am also really surprised that Jojo won best screenplay at the Oscars.... I mean its ok but Once Upon A Time in Hollywood deserves it way more.

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