Yakuza Ladies: Decision

Yakuza Ladies: Decision ★★½

Who’s Decision Was It to Let Nakajima Direct Another One of These?

I really don't know why I expected 'Yakuza Ladies: Decision' to be the best film in the series... IT'S THE FUCKING WORST!!! Nakajima has directed the most mediocre films in the franchise and 'Yakuza Ladies: Decision' is by far the most mediocre of the lot. How is it even possible make a Yakuza film that stars Kiyoshi Nakajo, Riki Takeuchi and Ren Osugi so mind numbingly boring?!?

The previous 'Yakuza Ladies' film (Yakuza Ladies Revisited 5) was also directed by Nakajima and I assumed that the lack of English subtitles were what made film so hard to follow... 'Yakuza Ladies: Decision' had English subtitles and I still had no idea what the fuck was going!! I couldn't follow this film at all, something about young punks filming pornos and Riki Takeuchi being shot which led to some top dog dispute... I seriously have no idea and I don't care enough to find out.

Thankfully, 'Yakuza Ladies: Decision' was Nakajima's final 'Yakuza Ladies' film and the reigns were handed back to Ikuo Sekimoto who is more than capable of getting the series back on track. I'm looking forward to Sekimoto's 'Yakuza Ladies' films because his entries are by far the best in the series. Nakajima has an interesting filmography and I wouldn't call him a bad filmmaker because he clearly directed the 'Yakuza Ladies' films when he was well passed his prime, hopefully I will enjoy his earlier work more.