Yakuza Ladies Revisited 5

Yakuza Ladies Revisited 5 ★★★

Nakajima Revisited

'Yakuza Ladies Revisited 5' is a lot better than Nakajima's previous entry in the 'Yakuza Ladies' series (Yakuza Ladies Revisited) which was by far the lowest point in the series. I'm glad to see that Nakajima has since learnt that the 'Yakuza Ladies' series is about the Yakuza ladies and therefore needs to feature them as the protagonists rather than some punk with an attitude problem.

'Yakuza Ladies Revisited 5' has no English subtitles which sucked because the paper thin Letterboxd synopsis is useless... I had no idea who the wife was (probably Iwashita) and no idea who the daughter was. I was pretty much lost throughout this entire film due to a lack of subtitles but the story sounds rather unremarkable anyway, so I doubt my rating or my appreciation for the film would increase even if it had English subtitles.

I'm glad to see that Rino Katase has returned to the series but I can't say that I'm a fan of her new haircut... hopefully she returns to her iconic, curly hair. Even though the past few 'Yakuza Ladies' films have been some of the best, Katase's absence was felt and it's great to have her back! Ryo Ishibashi starred in this entry and I really wish he starred in all of the future 'Yakuza Ladies' films because he was fantastic! Ishibashi was easily the highlight of the film and his terrific performance has confirmed that I need to watch more of his filmography ASAP!

There was hardly any action which was disappointing because the two previous films were the most action packed entries in the series. The few brief action scenes were competent but the only real standout scene was the one where Ishibashi is about to shoot Iwashita and that scene was only memorable because of Ishibashi's excellent performance. I expected this one to be kinda average so I'm not exactly disappointed and I'm looking extremely forward to 'Yakuza Ladies Decision' which I expect to be the best film in the series!