• David Bowie - Glass Spider

    David Bowie - Glass Spider


    David Never Lets Me Down

    The 'Glass Spider' Tour is the most insane sceptical I have ever witnessed: You have David and his gang of what can only be described as 'Carnival Junkies' prancing around the stage like violent junkies who consume vast quantities of Avantgarde art in order to reach a higher realm of existence. Overlooking the animalistic dances of the 'Carnival Junkies' hovers a colossal Spider, covered in neon lights. It looks like it could plummet to the…

  • The Last Temptation of Christ

    The Last Temptation of Christ


    I sat through almost three hours of this preachy bullshit while simultaneously suffering through the UK heatwave... Jesus was crucified and left to cook in the sun... I'll let you decided which one of us had it worse.

    If there's one thing I cannot stand, it's being lectured and preached to and that's basically all this film is. It should've been obvious because the film is all about the original preacher. I don't know how others see this film but…

  • I Just Killed My Dad

    I Just Killed My Dad


    I just killed time with another Netflix True Crime doc.

  • 悪徳の勲章 Black Cop

    悪徳の勲章 Black Cop


    B A D C O P

    Who decided to input the title like T H I S on TMDB? Who thought that was a good idea? I'm not exactly complaining or saying it's a bad thing... I just find it rather odd and unnecessary. I suppose it's distinct and unique in an EdGy TwItTeR kind of way but for the most part it's extremely random and one of the many strange and periciliary oddities that can be found on this…

  • Cosplay Warrior Cutie Knight

    Cosplay Warrior Cutie Knight


    Cosplay Warriors Vs. The Nazi Regime

    Absolute bullshit day at work so I decided that it was time to get drunk and unwind with some V-Cinema trash. The titular cosplay warriors fight a bunch of Japanese Nazi's and are aided by Gamera. A delightful throwback to the second Gamera film where Gamera travels back in time to destroy the Nazi party and end WW2... I might be wrong but I think it was called 'Gamera Vs. Goebbels'.

    I'm not all…

  • Labyrinth



    It's Only Forever...

    It's a rare occasion when I'm wasted and I was debating on whether or not I should rewatch Labyrinth because I only recently just watched it so I decided to say "FUCK IT"... and just listen to the soundtrack album instead. So this will be a live waster review because I wanna do it... I write while I listen. Soundtrack albums will not be included in the David Bowie album ranking but will still be rated because…

  • Ai・Mai・Me



    AI . Like . This

    Fantastic coming of age film. Super breezy and super cool with all the vibes... who needs subtitles when you can sit back and let the soothing atmosphere carry you? NOT ME! I didn't see the pregnancy coming which was initially rather melancholic and still was by the end of the film but there's a strange kind of optimism to it... it's hard to say if this was intended due to lack of subtitles (maybe I do need them afterall) but if you see the film and feel the vibes then you'll know what I mean.

  • Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold

    Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold


    Attack of the Giant Fake Tits

    My first Fred Olen Ray film... it was trash. But then again, I'd expect nothing less from such a prolific, trash auteur. I really enjoyed all of the stuff with the giant rats but wasn't a fan of the giantess stuff. Giantess content can be fun but you know what's not fun... fake boobs. Some fake boobs look good but all of the ample assets in this movie looked very fake. I don't want…

  • Into the Night

    Into the Night


    No one moves, no one talks
    No one thinks, no one walks tonight

    I had no idea that John Landis directed 'Into the Night' until I opened up the Letterboxd page for it, about 30 seconds ago... now his small role makes a lot more sense. I'm not all that familiar with Landis' work outside of 'American Werewolf in London' which was one of my favourite films during my teenage years (I'm 23 but make out like they were 20+…

  • Abashiri Family The Movie

    Abashiri Family The Movie


    Not as Weird as My Family but Still Pretty Damn Weird!

    Super duper low budget horror schlock that looks like a Naoyuki Tomomatsu film but it's directed by Teruyoshi Ishii (The King of V-Cinema Horror) so it's not nearly as tacky. Each family member is likeable despite being vile, perverted, bloody thirsty psychopaths and without them the film would be rubbish. Come for the action and stay for the psychos.

    My favourite family member was obviously the pervert who crafted…

  • The Foul King

    The Foul King



    I'm assuming that both South Korea and Japan share the same water system or at least they did during the early 2000's. I just can't think of any other logical explanation as to why South Korean and Japanese cinema were so melancholic during the early 2000's. Not that I even need a reason... I love it and I'm sad the misery ended. South Korean and Japanese films from this time share a really beautiful, melancholic quality. Sure lots of…

  • Ricochet



    Its Not the End of the World!

    The synopsis calls 'Ricochet' a "behind-the-scenes portrait of David Bowie during his 1983 Serious Moonlight Tour" which led me to believe that it was a documentary about the tour but it really wasn't. Some parts of the film are authentic and feature live performances of various songs and Bowie interacting with Hong Kong and Singaporean residents but a large portion of the film is staged, which consequently taints the authentic moments.

    There is…