Platoon ★★★½

Platoon is a film that focuses on the Vietnam war in 1967 when our protagonist, Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen), enlists in the infantry, leaving behind his university studies. We watch as the conflict and incessant violence begins to take its toll on Taylor's mental state. Those within his platoon are feeling the angst too, and seem to simply be counting down the days until they can leave the place they've labelled "hell on earth".

What drew me to Platoon in the first place was the line-up of actors involved: Johnny Depp, Willem Dafoe, Charlie Sheen and Forrest Whitaker to name a few. Granted, Depp and Whitaker play somewhat minor roles in this flick, but they still contribute to the film as a whole.

I thought Willem Dafoe's acting was superb (when isn't it?), as was Sheen's. It was strange seeing Charlie Sheen as a young man, as I'm so used to seeing the middle-aged Sheen on TV, making a fool of himself. It did give me some great insight into Sheen's ability, though, and I saw for the first time why he was so revered during this era.

That being said, there were parts to the film which were boring. Some might argue that these scenes were there to develop the story, but I felt like they were mere filler and could have been avoided.

In summary then, Platoon was a good film for the most part, filled to the brim with action and violence. The acting was great and the story was strong.