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  • Personal Shopper
  • Miami Vice
  • Miracle Mile
  • Until the End of the World

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  • Elvis

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  • Personal Shopper

    Personal Shopper


    Realized I never logged my favorite film of all time. Here’s what I wrote about it 2017:

    The questions asked of us by Olivier Assayas in his second collaboration with Kristen Stewart swirl around the film like one of its spirits, haunting you and pulling at you. And like a spirit, the answers are often times easy to miss and if you do find them, they're inevitably hard to grapple with. Assayas weaves a brilliantly intricate tale of love, loss,…

  • By the Sea

    By the Sea


    Adored this. My favorite kind of messily indulgent and vulnerable filmmaking. It’s so audaciously open, wrestling with the dissolution of a marriage while embracing and dissecting every shitty conjecture made about her by the press. No wonder it was panned.

    “I noticed the hole.”

    The hole in the wall acting as portal to the marriage’s past joys, failed hopes & everything in between is brilliant. Jolie turns our voyeurism of her & her marriage into a cathartic bit of foreplay, slowly bringing…

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  • Elvis



    Playing this as “boy who sold his soul to the devil to live for eternity” as explicitly and gratuitously as possible is brilliant. Hanks is literally playing grotesque evil itself, it’s hysterical. As a biopic, it hits all the same rote, exhausted beats you’d expect it to. As a psychotic vision of wicked American excess and a gaudy descent into a pop culture nightmare, it’s pretty undeniable. There’s a definite struggle to break out of the constraints of this…

  • Talons of the Eagle

    Talons of the Eagle

    Fun stuff! Probably the weakest Film One joint I’ve seen outside of Tiger Claws III but it’s a good time. Middle absolutely draaaaags, thankfully picks up with a riotous ending including a banger of a fight between Billy Blanks and Matthias Hues set to primo sleazy sax. Jalal Mehri is as sleepy as ever but that’s why we love him, right folks? 

    Looks terrific too. Probably the best directed film this company ever put out.

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  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick



    “You know what happens if you go through with this.”
    “I know what happens to everyone else if I don’t.”

    Tom Cruise’s raging against the dying of the light. He didn’t get small. The pictures did. Can’t believe how good this fucking thing is. I was on the literal edge of my seat for the entire third act. The woman behind me was *standing.* There’s no other way to read Top Gun Maverick except as Cruise’s “fuck you” to the…

  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future



    “Keep going.”

    Found this profoundly moving and deeply funny. At once asking “do I still have it?” in a world desensitized by imitators and a blunt force satire filled with contempt for those begging him *to* still have “it.”  Thought a lot about the Nine Inch Nails song “Discipline” during this, particularly the line “am I still tough enough?”  

    Maybe it’s ok not to be. Maybe it’s ok to move forward and let a body you’ve fought your…