The most genuinely dorky shit ever backed by a major studio and it’s incredible. An overwhelming barrage of sight and sound where lore and plot almost don’t matter. It’s compelling, certainly, but the investment hinges more on wowing you with something you’ve never experienced before and I think Villeneuve accomplishes that one hundred times over. I’ve never fully vibed with him as a filmmaker even though his craft is undeniable. With Dune, he’s created a truly immersive experience unlike any other where the sheer magnitude of what’s onscreen overpowers the senses and takes hold of you in a way few films can. It’s cinema at its purest. 

I’ve been waiting for a blockbuster to look and feel like this since…Fury Road maybe? And before that probably the first Pirates trilogy. Not my favorite movie by any means but in terms of genuine awe at what I was seeing, there hasn’t been anything like this in so long. A triumph of blockbuster filmmaking.

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