Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★

2021 Ranked

The charm of this trilogy really falls all the way off here. I was feeling it slip during 1978 when it made no discernible effort to look or frame itself like its period but this was even worse. sick to death of the Netflix aesthetic. Everything looks like Stranger Things with zero identity to it. That this looks as slick as it does is inexcusable. The flashbacks and cut-to characters we’ve seen before are unbearable here. This film just can’t explain itself and trust the intelligence of its audience. It’s gotta hammer you over the head so you really get it.

This isn’t a total disaster because the main through line between Deena and Sam is genuinely lovely. It’s some of the only mainstream queer representation that feels honest and unceremonious. It’s refreshing. 

Anyhow 1994 > 1978 > 1666

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