Parasite ★★★★★

God damn, God fucking damn, what a movie. I mean, like c'mon, this is the type of film which makes you wonder how someone even thought about it. You have the rich/poor family and then suddenly throw in so much depth and darkness and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love it. Bong Joon-Ho is a creative genius, and it shows a lot throughout this film. And the best part, everything makes sense by the end, especially with a plot so unique and complexing, it's honestly mind-blowing that this film works. It deserves the Palme d'Or and the Oscar for best foreign film (it's gonna win it and we all know that). Parasite tells of a poor family which gains the opportunity to join the life of a richer family in terms of work in their lives. However, everything spirals out of control around the hour mark and chaos follows.

I didn't think this film would be so god damn good, sure it has a 4.5-star rating but I thought I would give it a 4 and a half at most, not become one of my favourite films. The film read my mind about what I enjoy in a film and created greatness. From the poster alone you can tell this is different. I could probably analyse the poster if I wanted to and write at least 400 words about it. So many things to discuss but that's the poster and not the film. The film has a level of depth to the point where you begin to question if a simple factor such as a line of dialogue of a certain character's actions or a simple piece of clothing has some sort of meaning. Because honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it did. The foreshadowing, juxtaposition, metaphors are both subtle and in your face, adding onto this visual piece and making it stand out. And it works.

The amount of times I got chills in certain scenes is surprisingly high. The weirdly beautiful slow mos to that fucking scene in the dark staircase (it made me jump so hard) to that perfect ending. It's just too good to describe without spoilers. The score will begin, with the rising tension of the scene unfolding onscreen, eyes glued to the screen, waiting to see what will happen and then the scene taking a full-on drift to the unexpected side of things leaving you in that frozen state.

"What the fuck just happened"- me after half the scenes in the second half of the film.

This film has a rightful place in the best foreign film of 2019. It's a creative and artistic masterpiece, I am still thinking about the film, those scenes of suspense are too good. Do yourself a favour, watch this film.

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