Tenet ★★★★½

Is this great cinema? Idk, I can see the argument that it isn't. Is it pure cinema? Absolutely. One of the purest I've seen in awhile.

A direct link right into Nolan's head, seeing the nonsense ways he sees both the spy genre and the time travel genre. All of which is smashed together without any hand-holding and some of the best filmmaking of his career. I loved it.

This is easily his most self-indulgent movie. But it's so him that I can't help but dig it. David Sims said it was his Blackhat, and it absolutely is. All his fetishes, with no hand-holding at all. You just get thrown right into it and have to catch up. Which is a key to the spy thriller. We know how these movies are supposed to work, but with this new sheen, it feels even more complicated than it is.

This is some of the wildest shit I've seen on a screen. The time travel stuff he goes for here is mind-bending. How he even filmed all of this is wild. I feel like I'm going to love this movie more and more each time I watch it.

Also, Pattinson is the man.

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