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  • The Third Man

    The Third Man


    5th Annual Letterboxd Season Challenge
    Week 1: Past Hosts Week

    I like Joseph Cotten well enough, but when Orson Welles showed up—and then especially during the ferris wheel confrontation—good lord, I pretty much forgot Cotten was even in the shot. When we saw him for the first time and then he slowly smiled and gave Cotten that, "Welp, here we are" look I was... WHEW. Orson was some kind of charismatic.

    The death scene on the spiral stairs was A Bit Much, but that last shot of Alida Valli walking up to AND THEN PAST Joseph Cotten was AMAZING. Sick burn, lady.

  • Alice Sweet Alice

    Alice Sweet Alice


    Hooptober #3

    A preteen shouting, "Why do you believe her and not me????"

    Saddle shoes stepping on broken glass.

    A child rather creepily navigating adolescence and grief and largely terrible adults and more adolescence.


    also there is a wicked sketchy priest and vile policemen and a BANANAS mother and omg i love it so much

    also also baby brooke shields for about five minutes

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  • Fry Day

    Fry Day


    Me, watching this short: And yet, so many guys wonder why women are hyperaware when they're walking home alone at night, why we're cautious in going places with new people, why we so often go to the bathroom in pairs, even.

    I can't remember the specific moment when I had the realization depicted in this short—the moment of understanding that monsters aren't just on the news or in the movies, that they live among us, that we all know them,…

  • Hobgoblins


    Hooptober #1

    The Security Guard patches are clearly supposed to be on their shoulders.

    That is NOT how grenades work.

    The hobgoblins are weirdly... pervy?

    I'm not sure that this film really needed a post-credits scene.

    Extra half-star for the boinking sound effects when the van was a-rockin'.