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Top 4 favorite films are my favorites from the previous month.

Favorite films

  • Memento
  • The Quick and the Dead
  • Merrily We Go to Hell
  • Panic Room

Recent activity

  • Raising Arizona


  • Ambulance


  • Top Gun


  • The Pelican Brief


Recent reviews

  • Raising Arizona

    Raising Arizona


    The Coens are a huge blind spot for me and I actually really loved this movie. So funny in a very specific way. Nicolas Cage is phenomenal. Frances McDormand coming off the bench for one scene and just sinking 3-pointers. So good. May finally have to do a deep dive.

  • Ambulance


    Film Twitter really tried to convince us that this was a good movie? It’s a lot of movie but that doesn’t make it good. 

    Michael Bay watched one episode of the 9-1-1 show on FOX and thought “that could be a movie.” And that’s as much thought that was put into this.

Popular reviews

  • Annihilation



    Incredible work. Sort of a mashup of Apocalypse Now/2001/The Thing. I don’t totally understand everything that was going on and I also don’t need too. Beautiful visuals. A haunting score. An amazing monologue delivered by Jennifer Jason Leigh. Overall just a film I can tell will linger with me for awhile.

  • Firestarter


    So bad. And not even in a fun way. Just terrible. Boring as hell. Awful performances. Non-sensical script and direction. I have no idea what this film is supposed to be.

    In the age of superhero films dominating pop culture, there is an interesting movie to make with this story, but this ain’t it. Weirdly feels like a terrible anti-hero origin story. 

    The only thing I like is John Carpenter’s score which is good, but feels a little recycled from his other scores in much better movies. 

    Zac Efron being a 35 year old dad makes me feel old AF…which I am.